Preventative, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry in Wahroonga

The members of the Dentist at Care team are very proud of our work. We will provide you with the very best dental services for you and your family.

It can sometimes be difficult to understand unfamiliar dental procedures, and the difference in visual impact from one treatment to another means very little in print. To help you gain a better idea of what our treatments look like, see our before and after photos below.

Dentist At Care

Teeth Aren’t White Anymore

  • Problem: Stained, discoloured teeth
  • Solution: Tooth whitening

Showing Gums When You Smile

  • Problem: Gummy smile
  • Solution: Gum lift
Dentist At Care

Cavities in Damaged Teeth

  • Problem: Cavity
  • Solution: Tooth-coloured fillings
Dentist At Care

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