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Dentist At Care
Dentist At Care

People-Oriented Dental Clinic in Wahroonga

Dentist at Care is a modern, professional dental clinic with a caring and friendly atmosphere.

For the residents of Turramurra, Pymble, Hornsby and Wahroonga, we provide the most up-to-date dental treatments and the highest standards of infection control, all delivered as a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Dentist At Care

Full Range

We provide dental treatments such as dental crowns, fillings and bridges, as well as dental implants that look and feel like natural teeth.

Dentist At Care

Sleep Dentistry

Dentist at Care is one of the few dental clinics on the upper North Shore that offers Sleep Dentistry (IV Sedation) for nervous patients.

Dentist At Care

Cosmetic Dentistry

Want to feel more confident about yourself? We provide cosmetic dentistry treatments such as one-hour teeth whitening, dental veneers and gum-lifting.

Dentist At Care

Children’s Dentist

We love seeing children at Dentist at Care, for a fun and memorable dental experience that will encourage a lifetime of good dental habits.

Our Facilities

Our team is committed to delivering the best dental treatments available to our patients. We use only the most recent technologies and equipment in every procedure, to ensure the best care is provided for you.

Starting with carefully choosing the most comfortable dental chair available, our facilities give you a full understanding of your own dental condition. This includes a digital x-ray system with up to 90% less radiation that takes less than seconds to be viewed on a computer screen, and an intra-oral camera that allows you to see on-screen what the dentist sees inside your mouth.

On top of that, we also provide your favourite choice of DVDs to keep you entertained during your treatments. It’s always our pleasure to know that our patients are happy and comfortable, and that we’ve delivered the best services we can.

Referral Patients

If you’ve referred us as a dental clinic, it’s always a great pleasure for us to meet new patients. Thank you for believing in our services and recommending us to your friends and family.

Why Choose Dentist at Care?

Dentist At Care

30 Years of Experience

Dr Tony has over 30 years of professional experience in delivering high standards of patient care in general and cosmetic dentistry.

Dentist At Care

Cultivating a Caring Friendship

We hope you are never nervous about your dental care and you trust our staff to deliver an enjoyable experience.

High Quality Safety Standards

Dentist at Care is a fully accredited dental practice. Providing peace of mind that we meet the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

Dentist At Care

The Perfect Location

We are on the ground floor of No. 2 Redleaf Avenue, a red, two-story building beside Wahroonga train station.

Dentist At Care

On-Site Parking

We have on-site parking for your convenience, which can be entered via Redleaf Avenue. 

Dentist At Care

Off-Site Parking

There is also a community car park located at the opposite block, entered via Railway Avenue.

Dentist At Care

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